How to Write an IELTS Essay

How to write an IELTS essay at SolidEssay.comIELTS essays are very important for people who would like to apply for a job or education in the English-speaking countries. In contrast with TOEFL, IELTS is recognized by all the universities in the UK, thereby showing itself as more reliable and giving more opportunities than its American counterpart. Essentially, IELTS addresses people whose native language is different than English. The test is taken by a lot of applicants for studies in the USA and the UK as well as for English-language programs in other parts of the world. Writing an IELTS essay demonstrates your familiarity with the language and ability to discuss an important topic freely and without visible limitations.

Writing an IELTS essay demonstrates your familiarity with the language and ability to discuss an important topic freely and without visible limitations.
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How to write an IELTS essay – essentials

Integral part of the exam

The IELTS exam consists of four parts, one of which is writing. You should spend no more than one hour on the writing part. There are two tasks to be completed: the first one should take you twenty minutes while the second one - forty minutes.

The preparation for the writing part is an integral part of the whole preparation for the exam. You can decide to prepare on your own, or to attend a special course. As the IELTS exam is the only one and there aren’t any levels of it, we recommend you to use this opportunity to gain some training prior to taking the exam.

Two modules of the IELTS essay

There are two modules of the writing part: academic and general training module. If you are applying for university, you will be required to complete the first module. The general training module is easier, as it does not have such academic requirements. Taking the academic module of IELTS is much harder and hence, it needs thorough preparation.

Let’s look into each module separately.  

Academic module of the IELTS essay

The academic writing module consists of two tasks: in the first case you must describe a given graph, table, or other source of information. This will test your ability to work with data and, perhaps, your knowledge in the field of science. The second task will turn around a topic which will allow you to express and defend your opinion. The variety of topics can be wide, so it is not possible to be absolutely prepared for it. An important thing is to show that you are able to employ technical terms and phrases. Use complex sentences forming one whole through elegant logical connections. If possible, show your knowledge in the given field (politics, medicine, art, and so forth). Do not forget that the minimum number of words for the first task is 150, and for the second one is 250. There is no maximum number of words, but still you have only one hour in total to complete the essay.

Training module of the IELTS essay

The difference with the other module is that here you have to write a letter as your first task. A situation will be presented to you and you should respond by asking for more information. Here you should demonstrate your ability to not only understand the situation and react, but also to conceive its consequences, and eventually, to exert influence over the course of events. The letter should be longer than twenty lines. If you think you can write only three sentences, this will not work.

The second task is focused on an actual problem. You have to find a solution to an issue, or to express your personal view on the topic. Although employing academic language is not necessary here, it is recommended to formulate your thesis and to support it with sound arguments.

How to write an IELTS essay is a problem for everyone who is going to take their first exam of the type English as a foreign language (ESL). To pass it easily, you need to train writing for years. Besides, never miss the opportunity to attend a training course, it will definitely be of use. 

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