How to Write an Application Essay for University

how to write an application essay for university at SolidEssay.comOne of the most mysterious phrases that a high-school student can come across in his/her life is “application essay.” There are different variations of this phrase (in the UK, for instance, it is called a Letter of Intent), but in general, it requires one and the same: to introduce yourself and to demonstrate, by your style of writing, that you are good enough to be seen as one of the successful applicants.

Writing such an essay is far from easy, as you need to plan your application well in advance. The following tips on how to write an application essay for university will help you get a better understanding. However, the final result strongly depends on your personal attitude and your responsibility to do the task.

How to write an application essay for university – 7 stages

1. The way you write the application essay depends on the particular field of study.

If you pursue a career in Humanities, then you should have an excellent style of writing. If you are interested more in natural sciences or engineering, then you should demonstrate your logical skills. There are also other differences which are not our subject here.

2. Choose where and what to study at least one year prior to application.

This will provide you with a lot of time and also an opportunity to prepare your essay (and, of course, to improve your school grades). However, the fact that you know your needs and interests very well will not help you to write a good application essay, but this is a necessary part of the whole process.

3. Work on the structure of the essay.

It should include the following parts: 

  • Introduction. Present yourself shortly (the place or country you were born, your age, family environment, hobbies, etc.).
  • Body (substantial part). Tell about your interests and achievements. For how long have you been thinking to pursue the particular career? What have you done in your past that is related to the particular study? What are your achievements, both in the particular field of study and outside it? Have you been awarded any prizes, grants, etc.?

Also, this is the right place to mention about your career plans. How do you imagine yourself in 10 years from now, for instance? How can you contribute to the given university and to your field of study in general?

  • Conclusion. Expose your positive sides in short. This part should not sound as a promise or self-boasting.

4. Be logical and structure your thoughts.

Do not speak about your achievements in different paragraphs of your essay. Otherwise, the members of the committee will dismiss you as a person who is not able to expose his/her thoughts and intentions.

5. The application essay you are writing will be taken into account together with the interview.

Remember that you will be asked questions concerning the contents of the application essay. Then you can improve the impression you make, but the interview can also lead to the opposite. Thus, you should prepare for both the essay and the interview.

6. Attach any document you think will be of importance.

That is, documents that prove your past achievements. Never write about the prizes you have won if you do not have any proof.

7. A short remark about the style.

It is always better to speak from your own point of view. Notwithstanding, when you reach this part in which you expose your academic interests, you should sound impartial. For instance, if you would like to continue to experiment on a given topic, you should employ an appropriate terminology.

In conclusion, writing an application essay for university proves to be a long process consisting of a few stages. The better you are prepared, the better your paper is going to be organized. Still, the contents of the essay is also important, so do not put emphasis only on one of the both elements, the formal and the substantial one.

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