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Informative essay topics at SolidEssay.comLooking for informative essay topic ideas for your paper? Let’s first define what is an informative essay. Informative essays present essential information on a given topic. They do not claim to be of academic nature, but still can be an important point of reference when you want to get information on the topic. Your informative essay must be based upon serious research and be as neutral as possible. Remember: your personal opinion does not count.

Your informative essay must be based upon serious research and be as neutral as possible. Remember: your personal opinion does not count.
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Informative essay topics offered here concern some daily concepts as well as academic issues. You can pick up a topic according to your personal interests and knowledge. Each topic for an informative essay is clarified with some remarks, usually in the form of a question in order to direct your attention to one central point.


This section is focused on the most influential scientific theories and conceptions.

1. Darwin’s theory of evolution
Evolution theory has had serious impact on our society and way of living. Explain its principles and present its central proofs.

2. Einstein’s theory of relativity
This theory is famous but is difficult to be understood by common people. Explain its influence and argumentation using simple words and examples.

3. Quantum Physics
This is perhaps the most difficult scientific theory. In your informative essay try to show its principles and controversies.

4. Radioactivity and its scientific applications
Explain how radioactivity is used today - in nuclear weapons, to produce nuclear energy, cancer treatment, etc.

5. The men of the future
What will the men of the future be like, according to evolutionary theory? This informative essay topic is rather of hypothetical nature.

6. Causes and treatment of cancer
What do scientists think about cancer and its treatment?

7. Big Bang Theory
How did the universe begin its existence? Present the theory and the proofs in its favor.

8. Life on other planets
Present some theories about the presence or absence of life on other planets. This informative essay topic is a hypothetical one.

9. Viruses and immunization
How does immunization eradicate dangerous viruses? Try to clarify the process of immunization to the people who feel confused about it.

10. DNA - its structure and functions
What is DNA and its functions? Try to use more examples and simple words. 


This section is focused on informative essay topics related to world religions and philosophy of religion.

11. Differences between Protestantism and Catholicism
There are plenty of differences, so you should show only the most significant of them - theological and ritual differences.

12. God as a Trinity
What does it mean that God is triunite? Is the Trinity one God, or three gods?

13. Moral principles of Islam
Present the central moral principles of Islam.

14. Proofs for the existence of God
What are the classical proofs by Christian theologians?

15. Atheism and agnosticism
Define both concepts and show the differences between them.

16. The teaching of Buddha
Present the ideas of Buddha according to the historical sources.

17. The immortality of the soul
In short, present two opposing theories - that the soul is immortal and that it is not. What are their central proofs?

18. The power of prayer
Present some proofs for it or repudiate it. This informative essay topic is very abstract and you can have different approaches to it.

19. The theory of reincarnation
Explain what reincarnation means.

20. Church and state according to law
What is the legislative definition of the relation church-state? What is the history of the separation of both in the United States?


These topics for an infomative essay are related to intimate relations and family.

21. Abortion
What are the positive and negative aspects of abortion? Why do people decide to do it? You can bring in some surveys and statistics in your informative essay, and then summarize them.

22. Teen pregnancy
Present some statistics and facts about teen pregnancy in the USA. Is there any tendency in it?

23. Causes and factors for divorce
Present some data about divorces in the USA. What are their usual causes?

24. The ideal partner
What do psychologists think about the way in finding one’s ideal partner? You can turn to renowned psychologists in our informative essay.

25. Marriage in our society
There are still people who get married. Present some statistics and facts about it.

26. Advantages of domestic partnerships
Explain what are the advantages of such co-existence - you can compare it with marriage.

27. Contraception: what everyone should know
Explain the fundamental principles of contraception. Give some advice related to the use of contraceptives.

28. Stages of child’s development
Present the dominating theoretical views on the topic. This informative essay should be of better quality than a standard essay.

29. Tips for better communication in family
Advise your reader on the topic how to communicate better with your spouse or children?

30. Family therapy
Is there any use of family therapy? Present some arguments for and against. Try to be impartial. 


These topics for informative essay are related to school, education and learning.

31. Methods of ESL teaching
How to teach English as a second language? Choose a few methods (for example, the most popular nowadays) and describe them in your informative essay.

32. Admissions procedure in American colleges
How to apply for American universities? This informative essay will be useful not only for Americans but also for foreigners.

33. Selection criteria in American colleges
What are their criteria for selection? Try to summarize them, although this is difficult - some colleges have different criteria.

34. Non-formal and informal learning
Define both terms and show the differences between them. Compare them with formal learning.

35. School students with special needs
How the problems of these students are solved? You can present some good practices.

36. IQ testing - essence and types
What is the idea of IQ testing? How do these tests measure our IQ?

37. Affirmative action in education
Define the term and present the controversy over affirmative action in schools and colleges.

38. Montessori education - principles and practice
What is Montessori education? What are its principles and methods of work?

39. Homework: advantages and disadvantages
Today there is a strong campaign against homework for students. What are homework’s functions, what are its strong and weak points?

40. The Khan Academy: what is this?
Present some information about this internet phenomenon. How many people use it, and which academic fields it covers? 

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This section contains good informative essay topics related to a wide range of social issues.

41. Multiculturalism and ethnocentrism
Define both concepts and present the controversy over the former. Try to be concise – this  topic is comprehensive.

42. Globalization: its essence and development
What is globalization? Explain its nature and stages of development. Try to find the common thing between different definitions.

43. Legal and illegal immigration
How are both concepts defined according to American legislation? Is it possible to reduce illegal immigration to the United States?

44. Feminism and its opponents
Define feminism and present some of its central ideas. Try to adhere to the general definition of feminism.

45. Unemployment in the United States in the 21st century
Present some data about the problem. What are the main causes of unemployment?

46. The financial crisis of 2008
Explain what were the causes and mechanisms of the crisis. How did it influence our society? What are its consequences?

47. What is “hybrid identity”?
Many researchers today speak about “hybrid identity.” What is this and can you show any examples of it?

48. Sex and gender: controversy
What is the difference between both? In your informative essay present the standpoints of the participants involved in the hottest debate of recent years.

49. The controversy over capital punishment
Present information about capital punishment in the USA - in which states is it applied and what are the reactions to it?

50. “Social capital” – what is this?
Trust is called “social capital” by sociologists. What is the social capital of Americans today? Do they trust each other? 


These issues concern American internal politics as well as international relations.

51. American Constitution and the first ten amendments
You can write a short review of these in your informative essay. Why are they valuable even today?

52. The ideologies of the Democratic and the Republican Party
Political confrontations usually have ideological background - explain it without entering into too many details about both parties. Avoid your personal opinion and sympathy.

53. History of women’s political rights
An important issue which needs more clarification: when did women gain the right to vote?

54. NATO - goals, members and programs
What is NATO and what are its principles? What about America’s allies in the organization?

55. The Arabian Spring of 2011
This is a geopolitical topic which not all people are familiar with. Describe in short the events in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria in 2011.

56. Geopolitical blocks today
It seems that the two major blocks are USA and Europe against Russia and China, but there are also other theories.

57. The European Union - mission and structure
How was the EU founded and with what aims? What are its central institutions?

58. Political changes in Cuba
Cuba is quickly changing in the last years. Can you tell the reader what exactly is going on?

59. Healthcare reforms in the United States
Healthcare system is perhaps the most vulnerable one. Can you explain what changes it was subjected to in the last two decades?

60. The doctrine of free trade
Free trade is the economic theory that the state cannot restrict trade with other countries. Whose are its proponents and what are their central ideas? 


Here are some informative essay topic ideas connected with some important inventions and their use.

61. The invention of the internet
Present the most important facts about the invention of the internet and its enhancement over time. How did its inventors envisage the future of the internet?

62. How does an airplane fly?
It has become a part of our daily living, but people are not aware of such a simple fact. Explain it to them in simple terms!

63. Internet and addiction - psychological studies
What do psychologists think about internet addiction - does such thing exist, and if yes, in what forms?

64. Human health and computers
In what way can computers harm our health and how to avoid it?

65. How do computers work?
We are constantly in touch with computer devices but what is going on inside them?

66. Tips for keeping your computer safe from viruses
There are many tips for this, so you should choose the most relevant ones.

67. What are satellites used for?
What is the use of satellites? Are they used only for military purposes?

68. Astronauts’ preparation for space missions
Present the most important and curious facts about an astronaut’s preparation.

69. Artificial intelligence projects
What is AI and how can it be used? Present some major projects related to it.

70. Advantages and disadvantages of electronic banking
Electronic banking is not always safe. Can you compare its strong and weak points?


These informative essay topic ideas deal with the world history.

71. Rise and fall of Communism in Eastern Europe
Focus your informative essay particularly on the period 1945-1989.

72. Causes of the Second World War
Why did this terrible war burst out?

73. Causes of the fall of the Roman Empire
The Roman Empire was great but something happened with it. What exactly caused its decay?

74. The French Revolution - central events and personalities
You can explain the causes of the revolution and how the central personalities were involved.

75. The great battles of Napoleon
It was not only in Austerlitz, but also in other great battles where Napoleon showed as a genius.

76. The rise of National Socialism in Germany
What were the causes and factors for this rise?

77. The Russian Revolution in 1917
What happened in Russia in October 1917 and who played the major part?

78. The Holocaust - causes and consequences
This terrible series of events had its causes and drives - explain them.

79. The end of the Mayan civilization
One of the biggest mysteries in history is the end of the Mayan civilization - is there any well-proved theory about it?

80. Spanish conquistadors
What were their goals and what was their influence on the local people?


The following informative essay topic ideas look into some general issues related to modern art, culture and media.

81. Principles of modern art
Can we say that there are principles common for all works of modern art, and if yes, what are they?

82. The most visited museums in the world
You can choose several museums and present some basic information about them.

83. Function and influence of advertisements
What are advertisements and how are they used?

84. Differences between PR and advertisement
You need to explain this difference.

85. How a TV channel works
Your reader would be interested in a simple presentation of what is going on behind the scenes.

86. Moral principles of journalism
What are the fundamental moral principles every journalist must adhere to?

87. Essence and principles of aniconism
Aniconism is the doctrine that images of men and animals must be forbidden (for example in Islam). Why are they forbidden and what can be depicted?

88. Famous art photographers
You should choose some of the best representatives of art photography.

89. Principles of ballet
What are the most important principles of ballet?

90. Masters of opera
Pick up the best classical opera composers.


Informative essay topic ideas about famous persons and geniuses.

91. The works of W. Shakespeare
Tell your reader about the style and the most famous works by Shakespeare.

92. The life of L. van Beethoven
A real genius, Beethoven was notorious for his difficult temperament.

93. The inventions of B. Franklin
What are the most remarkable of them?

94. The genius of T. Jefferson
Jefferson was a polymath. What were his best achievements?

95. A. Lincoln - mission and notable achievements
Everyone knows about Lincoln, but what about his mission, ideals and personal values?

96. Pope John Paul II - “the Pilgrim Pope”
Why is he called like that? Where did he travel to and why?

97. The works and life of Martin Luther
How are Luther’s life and works connected? What are the most important facts of his biography?

98. The discoveries of Galileo
Why was Galileo famous? How did the Catholic Church react to his discoveries?

99. Columbus and Magellan
Two of the most remarkable explorers of all times - can you make a comparison? What are their achievements?

100. Sir Edmund Hillary: The conqueror of Mt. Everest
Obviously, to climb the Mount Everest is the most difficult task on earth. How did Hillary manage to do it and what were his experiences and impressions?

You can also modify the informative essay topics presented above according to your own needs. Try to formulate a short and clear title. Do not forget that these essays are rather of theoretical nature than of practical - this means, you should not write according to the “How to”- method. What you need to do in your informative essay is to present objective, impartial information. 

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