How to Write an Admission Essay

Helpful tips on how to write an admission essayAn admission essay is what most colleges and universities require in order to see that their applicants are qualified enough to enter their academy. There’s nothing more nerve-wracking for a senior high school student than writing his own admission essay. It is something that should be taken seriously as it can make or break your future. It is like sharing your personal information and letting the admissions committee know a piece of who you are. So to ease the anxiety, here are some valuable pieces of advice on how to write an admission essay.

Admission Essay Writing Guidelines

  • Do not include all your activities and accomplishments in your admission essay. Don’t make it look like a list of your achievements and all the things you have done. It will only make it boring and not interesting to read. Besides, there is a specific part of the application wherein you can list all your extracurricular activities. 

  • An admission essay is the same as telling a story but is more focused. It must be something that will reveal your character, personality, and passion. So don’t just keep telling about the competitions you have won. Your scores and grades will already show how intelligent you are.
  • Avoid making your admission essay too heavy. If you are asked to talk about your achievements and skills, don’t make it sound like you’re bragging. Be careful upon choosing your words. Humility will always be the key to success. They are not only looking for brilliant future students in their university. They are also looking for better future campus citizens.
  • Make your admission essay as error-free as possible. Spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, and grammatical problems will only decrease your odds of being accepted. If you’re not that good in English, then don’t think twice to ask for help.
  • Remember that the admissions committee has to read piles and piles of essays. So, be concise with your own writing to avoid straining their patience.
  • Don’t make up your own achievements. Just be honest with your accomplishments. No one expects you to be good in everything, so there’s no need for you to make up your own success story.
  • Be unique. Delve deeper on how you are going to stand out from the thousands of other applicants.
  • If you think your essay is something like too humorous, then think again. There’s nothing wrong about adding a touch of humor to your essay. But be careful not to sound offensive, especially that you don’t know how someone is going to respond.

When you write an admission essay, make sure you write it in such a way that will make you stand out from the rest of the applicants. It is a way of letting the selection committee know about your goals, plans, beliefs, philosophy, significant events in your life, and even your financial status. So to avoid being rejected, consider the above-given tips on how to write an admission essay.

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