How to Write a Process Analysis Essay

How to Write a Process Analysis Essay at SolidEssay.comIt is impossible for us to comprehend every process that exists. Still, getting to understand how processes work can be a daunting task. However, we consistently find ourselves having to share with others what we know about how things or processes work and this is where a process analysis essay comes in handy. This article stipulates the step-by-step procedures entailed in carrying out a particular task or understanding how something works. Thus, there are two basic types of process analysis essays: directional and informational. The former details how to do something (such as cookbooks, instruction manuals, and handbooks), while the latter explains how something works (such as how photosynthesis takes place, how oil is refined, etc.).

When writing a process analysis essay, the topic is very crucial. There are major topic types to choose from that include: scientific, historical or advisory. Choose a topic, which you are well versed. Clearly understand the process and procedure that you seek to explain. The subject matter must be neither too complicated nor too simple. The topic should allow you to express yourself in understandable terms. In case there are technical terms or jargon that has to be used, ensure that you understand them fully.

How to write a process analysis essay – 6 key considerations

There are several factors to consider while writing a process analysis essay:

  1. What is the importance of the process that you are trying to explain? Is it meant to educate or advise or give a general understanding of a particular procedure? 
  2. The topic should be relevant to a certain group of people. For instance, explaining the blood clotting process is relevant to a biology student but not to a business student. One must consider the reader or the audience of the process analysis essay. The reader requires some prerequisite knowledge to have a better understanding of the subject matter. You need to think about the knowledge level of your audience for the essay to make sense to them. 
  3. State the skills and equipment that are necessary for the procedure. Clearly explain all the materials that are required and why they are essential to the process. The tools must be readily available to the audience or can easily be improvised. Consider various competencies that the audience needs to have in order to execute the process or understand how the process that you are explaining works. 
  4. Identify the steps. Consider their number, sequence, complexity and their importance. Emphasize on why no step should be omitted.  
  5. Pinpoint the warnings. Some procedures such as how to paint a house require that the writer states various challenges, safety gear and other protective measures so the reader executes the process safely. 
  6. Ensure that you offer clear instructions on the steps. Use simple and concise language. Give the reader some milestones that will help them know they are doing the correct thing.

Guidelines for writing a process analysis essay

Guidelines play a vital role in ensuring that a particular action has been conducted, as it should. In writing a process analysis essay, certain guidelines ensure that you communicate efficiently with your audience.

  • Being that this article is meant to explain how processes work or how to go about a particular process, ensure that the instructions are clear and complete.

  • Do not leave out any piece of information that is relevant.

  • Avoid making assumptions. The reader may not have the slightest idea about how to go about the process and therefore, by leaving out some information, you deny them an opportunity to learn.

  • Be very specific. Do not use any generalizations. Give precise information and detail it almost to a fault.

  • Moreover, use articles effectively. An ill-placed “a” or “the” could alter the meaning of the whole sentence and distort the intended information.

  • The steps should be in a chronological order. They should be sequentially clear. Expressions like “first”, “secondly”, “then” or “next” will give your information flow.
  • If the process you are explaining is complex, divide the operations into actions. Then detail the steps in these actions. The reader has a higher chance of understanding the instructions.

  • Most importantly, remember to use the second person. Use “You” as you are directly speaking to the readers.
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Process analysis essay outline


Introduce a topic of your process analysis essay. Elaborate on the process. State what the process is bound to achieve. Explain the importance of the topic. Give a very brief background or history of the subject matter. One or two sentences will do. If applicable, in directional essays offer the reader a time frame within which they are expected to complete the task. Finally, reassure your readers that whatever you are writing to them is easy.

Main body

This is where you put down the steps of carrying out the procedure. Each of the steps is set in its paragraph. Explain each step exhaustively within the paragraph without leaving out any important information. Give a statement or two on the purpose of each step. It is important to phrase this section while being mindful that the reader is learning.


Summarize the procedure and the expected result. This should be brief.

In conclusion, other tips will enhance the benefit of your process analysis essay to the reader:

  • Consider your grammar and language.

  • Use short, concise sentences. The use of complex sentences has the potential of distorting the information. The reader may have a hard time to decipher what you are trying to say.

  • Use transitional words such as “next”, “then”, “first”, and “again” among others. These terms will help you connect one sentence or paragraph to another. Be careful not to overuse them too.

  • Use simple language. Process analysis essays are not the ideal platform to display your vocabulary. Use formal language that can be understood by different people. 

  • The tone of your process analysis essay affects its reception by your readers. Be firm and consistent throughout your essay. Avoid flipping tones like moving from humor to very serious.
The tone of your process analysis essay affects its reception by your readers. Be firm and consistent throughout your essay. Avoid flipping tones like moving from humor to very serious.
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Process Analysis Essay Topics

Process analysis essays encourage students to be analytical and meticulous in their thinking. Students learn to be methodical and better thinkers; enabling them to look at their surroundings and ask questions about how things work or why things happen. They are then able to generate ideas or a thesis on a topic they’re interested in. This type of deep thinking and analysis can lead to great ideas being formed, tested, and thus birthing great inventions that could impact our world and the way we live in phenomenal ways.

Below we have come up with some process analysis essay topics that you may consider for your process analysis paper:

  1. How does a car transmission work?
  2. How do you develop a habit?
  3. Describe some defensive techniques to protect yourself.
  4. How do you service a car?
  5. How do you build a motor?
  6. Describe how you get rid of nerves for a presentation.
  7. How do you grocery shop on a limited budget?
  8. How are clouds formed?
  9. How can you save money while shopping for children’s clothes?
  10. Describe how you install an app.
  11. How do you treat or manage diabetes?
  12. How do you search and get results on a search engine?
  13. Describe how you make a mobile app.
  14. How do you organize references for a research paper?
  15. Describe how you make your favourite dish.
  16. Describe the menstrual cycle.
  17. How do you use Amazon to sell products?
  18. How do you use your favourite exercise equipment/machine?
  19. Describe how you make a floral arrangement.
  20. How do you make a wedding cake?
  21. How do you cook turkey?
  22. Describe how you teach a child to read.
  23. How do you set a table for a formal 3-course meal?
  24. Describe how you play football?
  25. Describe how you do your favourite hairstyle.
  26. How do you properly brush your teeth?
  27. Describe the correct way to floss your teeth?
  28. How do you knit a sweater?
  29. How do you write a cover letter?
  30. Describe how you write the ideal resume.
  31. How do you ride a bicycle?
  32. What is your morning routine?
  33. How do you use Snapchat?
  34. Describe how you decorate a Christmas tree.
  35. How do you bathe your pet?
  36. How do you deep condition your hair?
  37. Describe how you do a facial?
  38. What is the process for doing a manicure?
  39. Describe your bedtime routine.
  40. How do you create/produce a short movie?
  41. How do you write an essay?
  42. How do you plan a beach trip?
  43. How do you film a video with your smartphone?
  44. Describe your favourite April Fools prank.
  45. How do you paint a picture or sculpt a piece of art?
  46. How do you choose lottery numbers?
  47. How do you drive a car?
  48. How do you prepare for a test?
  49. How do you prepare for a job interview?
  50. How do you make a costume?
  51. How do you make a table?
  52. How do you solve a quadratic equation?
  53. How do you measure your ring size?
  54. How do you measure the weight of a baby?
  55. Describe how you pack a suitcase.
  56. How do you make your favourite drink/cocktail?
  57. How do you change a baby’s diaper?
  58. Describe how you burp a baby.
  59. How do you drill through a wall?
  60. How do you put together a desktop computer and CPU?
  61. Describe how you play your favourite video game.
  62. How do you jumpstart a car?
  63. How do you change the oil in a car?
  64. Describe how you use Photoshop to alter a picture.
  65. How do you service a car battery?
  66. Describe how you drive a car.
  67. How do you plant a tree?
  68. How do you water plants?
  69. Describe your favourite childhood game.
  70. How do you use fertilizers for crops?
  71. How does a magnet work?
  72. Describe how you use a skipping rope for exercise.
  73. How do you use Instagram to promote your business?
  74. How to create a blog on Wordpress? 

All in all, a process analysis essay is easy to write as long as you can communicate clearly and concisely to your readers and follow the basic guidelines.

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