How to Write a High School Resume

How to Write a High School Resume at SolidEssay.comIt is advisable to find a good job after finishing your high school. Of course, you perhaps want to continue your education but need some financial resources, don’t you? Hence, you will need to apply for a job, and like every other applicant you have to submit some documents related to your education, experience and interests.

You should not think that your application will not be approved because of little experience you have or because of the fact that you still haven’t been enrolled at college. If you have the required skills, abilities and competencies, and are eager to work, then you will certainly find something suitable for you. The important thing is to find the right job for you, which is not so easy. And in order to find it you should start from some self-reflections.

How to write a high school resume – 8 essential tips

1. Reflect on your desired job position

Start from a list of professional fields such as education, entertainment, sales, and so forth. Then choose one profession for each of these fields. It is recommended to have a wide choice- you are not so experienced now so you cannot hope to find the best possible job.

Another option is to talk to your school counselor. They will evaluate your skills and professional potential, and probably will direct you to some professions. This is not wasting time, for sure, because first of all, you should know yourself, and then you can write your resume.

2. Write a short outline of your resume

Writing a high school resume starts with outlining some ideas related to its contents. It should cover the following sections: some biographical information, personal traits, education, achievements, work experience (if applicable), interests and aspirations. Let’s now check them one by one.

A high school resume should should cover such sections: some biographical information, personal traits, education, achievements, work experience (if applicable), interests and aspirations.
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3. Biographical information

You can write here some basic info about your family background if you think this is needed. Be very short, do not exceed three sentences. You can tell something about the occupation of your parents, about your brother(s) or sister(s), etc.

4. Personal traits

This is certainly the most popular section of a resume. You can write whatever you want, but still do not forget that your future employer will check whether you really have all these qualities. Hence, you should be honest but self-confident at the same time.

5. Education

Tell about the school you have finished and about your grades. The employer will be interested in some of your grades; for example: mathematics grades, or some mandatory exams. Set all this information forth in one separate section. Be precise and do not go into details.

6. Achievements

Here you can include any achievements related to the potential job position (and not only). Literary prizes, scientific contests, sport achievements, art exhibition, etc., all these can be considered achievements.

7. Work experience

This does not require from you to have real work experience; for example, in order to work as a secretary or a shop-assistant it doesn’t matter whether you have had any practice at the office, or have been an educator for a while, a volunteer, or have elaborated a project for school TV, and so forth.

8. Interests and aspirations

Tell what attracts you, what can make you feel satisfied and self-realized; how can you contribute to your desired job position and how far you can reach. You can relate this section to the achievements and education sections. For instance, if mathematics attracts you, then you certainly have excellent grades and also have some experience working in the field of mathematics (working on specialized software, for example).

Additionally, you should also add your contact information: your address, telephone and e-mail so your potential employer could reach you.

The instructions above will guide you step-by-step on how to write a high school resume. However, it is good to create your own approach and strategy, thereby manifesting your own personality - this will help you in the application process. 

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