$500 Annual Video Contest Scholarship

SolidEssay awards upcoming creative talents in video making with a scholarship worth $500 every year.


Students who are currently enrolled in high school, college, or university from any country are eligible to enter the contest.

Important Dates

Reception of Submissions & Evaluation I: November 1, 2022 – July 31, 2023

Evaluation II: August 1 – August 15, 2023

Counting of Votes: August 16 – August 31, 2023

Winner Announcement: September 1 – September 8, 2023

Submission Requirements

  1. Shoot an original video on any of the topics below:

    1) Describe an innovative idea that would significantly improve studying

    2) In your opinion, what is the hardest part of writing an essay?

    Your video must:

    • Contain copyright-free content
    • Be based on any one of the provided topics
    • Shot in the English language only
    • Have a creative, eye-catching title that reflects your vision
    • Last between 1-2 minutes and should not exceed the time limit
    • Be recorded in the following acceptable formats: .MPEG4, .MOV, .AVI, .MP4

  2. Participants should upload their videos in either Dropbox or Google Drive. The video should not be shared with the public prior to the submission. The entry will not be entertained if it was shared and viewed by the public before.
  3. Subscribe to SolidEssay’s first and second YouTube channels. Entrants also have to like and share the description for the video contest on Twitter and Facebook.
  4. Participants are required to mail their submissions at SEscholarships4you(at)gmail.com.

    Enclose the following details in the body. Follow the specific order as mentioned below:

    4.1 The direct link to your submission (The link should be accessible by anyone. Change the access accordingly.)

    4.2 Attach the screenshots as evidence that you have subscribed to the SolidEssay’s YouTube channels. Participants should subscribe to both profiles.

    4.3 Attach the screenshot of liking and sharing the description for the contest on social media handles

    4.4 Write a detailed answer to the query: "Where did you find out about the SolidEssay Video Contest?"

Participants can submit either animated or live videos.

SolidEssay will accept only one submission by every participant. Multiple entries are not allowed.

Evaluation Criteria I

Before we publish your video on the SolidEssay YouTube channel, the submission will be rigorously reviewed by our editorial team on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Usefulness of the content
  • Engagement
  • Creativity
  • Production

We will publish the best videos that meet the above criteria on the SolidEssay YouTube channel. We will notify you by email in case we decide to publish your video. Once the video is published on our YouTube channel, people can vote on it.

Evaluation Criteria II

The winning video will be the one with the most number of likes on YouTube.

Sharing your video on social media to garner more attention and likes is allowed. Doing so will improve your chances of winning the competition.

Our support team will ensure that no participant uses foul/unfair means during the contest.

$500 Cash Prize

We will announce the winning entry on this page. Stay tuned for the results!


Participants should submit their videos by July 31, 2023 at the latest. No entries beyond the mentioned date will be considered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do the topics stay the same every year?

- No. We provide new topics each year. We do not recycle the same topics.

2. I sent my video but didn't get a response. How can I ensure that my submission was received?

-If you experience a delay in receiving the confirmation, it might be due to the large number of submissions. We advise you to wait for a few days before emailing us again at SEscholarships4you(at)gmail.com.

3. I missed the deadline! When can I apply again?!

- The video contest is held annually. You can only apply for the next year as we do not entertain submissions after the deadline. We will keep you updated about the contest dates for the next year on this page.

Remember to follow us on social media so that you don't miss any important announcements!

4. I think that a participant is cheating during the online voting stage. What should I do?

-Although our support team works diligently to identify any foul play, we highly recommend you to report your suspicions in an email to SEscholarships4you(at)gmail.com.

We are grateful to you for your dedication to keep the competition fair.

5. Can I apply again if I have participated last year? Can winners of the previous editions contest again?

- Absolutely yes. You can participate again, even if you have won the competition before.