How to Write Business Studies Essay

How to Write Business Studies Essay at

What is a Business Studies essay?

Business studies deal with practical issues, such as how to invest money in the proper way, how to attract investors, how to manage a business so that it will grow or become more effective. However, there are plenty of topics which do not concern such practical problems directly, and rather relate to business ethics, psychology, communication, media, and even sociological and political studies and research. Of course, an assignment which requires writing business studies essay could cover a wide range of topics. Your instructor will want you to demonstrate the following skills and abilities:

  • knowledge about contemporary business theories
  • information in a proper way
  • analytical skills
  • critical thinking skills
  • problem-solving skills

And last but not least, you should demonstrate that you are both strong and confident in your decisions, and that at the same time you are open to new suggestions and solutions. You have to show all of these in your writing. Notwithstanding, no one is good at theory and practice at once, so some students write perfectly and are excellent presenters and analysts, but do not prove to be quality practitioners.

Writing business studies essay requires you to go through almost the same stages as with writing other essays. You have learned the fundamental principles of writing in school. Now, you have come to the next level; you must read a lot in your field of study and attend classes in order to train your mind. This way, preparation is a must. Then you have to define your topic well; it doesn’t matter whether it is assigned by your professor or you have selected it yourself. Formulate your thesis in a strong and convincing way and support it with necessary arguments. Attach all possible evidence, data, statistics which show that your thesis is correct.

Preparing to write a Business Studies essay

Gather necessary information by referring to college textbooks and encyclopedias. This will direct your attention to more particular pieces of research. Depending on your personal style of learning, you can read a dozen of books, or merely two or three. An important thing is to find appropriate literature which will help you understand the problem and find a solution to it. Keep in mind that you must quote (this is absolutely necessary!) from these books or articles, and that you need to be punctual and accurate while doing this.

Drafting your Business Studies essay

The draft of the business studies essay should include an introduction, main part and a conclusion. The introduction will show the context of your topic; the main part should begin with your clear and well-defined thesis followed by several arguments. Usually, business case studies are widely used so it will be a good idea to refer to it at some point. Still, you should not analyze the whole case study, but only refer to it as an example in favor of your standpoint. The conclusion should open some perspectives for future research on the topic without presenting absolute solutions to it.

Revising your Business Studies essay

You need some time to revise your draft. A week or two after completing the draft, you will have more ideas. Write them down somewhere and then incorporate them in the paper. This is a pretty normal procedure while writing; you need to put it aside and then come back to it in a while. This way you will be able to see its flaws. Modify your thesis accordingly.

Reliability of sources

Writing a business essay not only requires knowledge, but also your ability to find reliable sources and handle information well. Here you should apply not only your critical thinking, but also your practical experience.

Writing a business essay not only requires knowledge, but also your ability to find reliable sources and handle information well.
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The tips given above shed some light upon how to write business studies essay. Remember that the key to a good essay is preparation, so never do it at the last moment. 

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