How to Write an Issue Paper

How to Write an Issue Paper at SolidEssay.comHuman beings try to know the world around them by reflecting on all the phenomena and processes they witness and experience. Many high-school students ask themselves what is the point to write essays focused on abstract topics. Isn’t it better to act instead of merely reflecting upon a given topic? What is the lesson one could learn by simply writing an essay? People say that experience is the best teacher. Why should you then write an essay on a certain topic?

It should be noted that practical affairs couldn’t be solved or dealt with without reflecting upon them and discussing them with other people. Thus, the process of writing an issue paper may prove to be an important part of the process of solving a particular problem. Theoretical and practical matters cannot be divided that easily because they are interdependent. Moreover, thinking of a given issue is always useful for the particular society because in this way it has an opportunity to improve and grow. In this sense, you do not have to think that such an assignment is completely useless and ineffective.

Let’s now turn to some important tips related to the problem of how to write an issue paper. They could be used only as a basis for your essay writing. Remember that the most important thing is to be able to penetrate into the essence of the given issue, not merely to follow these instructions.

How to write an issue paper – 8 essential tips

1. Get to know your issue

You must be very familiar with the particular issue, otherwise, you will only discuss it in a hypothetical manner. It is better, thus, to choose a topic which you are familiar with. Sometimes it happens, on the other hand, that people take their “favorite topic” too emotionally, hence they are not able to reason in a logical way. Therefore, choose a topic which is appropriate for you, but do not take it too emotionally (try to be neutral and objective).

2. Talk to your teacher

Ask them what literature to refer to. It would be good if your teacher could direct you to several important pieces of research in the field. Whether you will use specialized literature depends on your ambitions. An excellent essay needs to be written according to academic standards.

3. Read the recommended literature

While you are reading, you have to write down all the remarks, thoughts, and any inspiration that may have. Make note of important passages, especially definitions and formulations of theories. Quotes could be of use to you.

4. Write a short outline for your issue paper

An outline should include your thesis and short formulations of your arguments. It also serves as a plan of your essay. By following it precisely you will be certain that your trail of thought is manifested thoroughly and logically.

5. Formulate a thesis of your issue paper

This is a short passage of text not exceeding five lines (usually). A longer passage will make the reader distracted.

6. Support your thesis

You can find relevant arguments in the literature read by now. Arguments could be empirical or theoretical, depending on the subject. You can refer to data, statistics, surveys, interviews, experiments, etc.

7. Conclude your issue paper

A short recapitulation of all said in the issue paper could be a good conclusion, but this is not the only option available.

8. Bibliography

As per academic standards, you should attach a list of the titles used for your issue paper.

Writing an issue paper at high-school level is not the most difficult task you will have in your life. You should express an informed opinion on the topic and try to be objective. Of course, a little of emotion may work out, but do not be too pathetical. Your issue paper should be balanced and coherent.

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