How to Write an Informative Speech Outline

How to Write an Informative Speech Outline at SolidEssay.comAn informative speech is always directed to a definite issue which needs more attention. As its name suggests, this sort of speech gives comprehensive information about the issue. However, it should not be confused with other types of speech, particularly employed in politics, which call to taking some action regarding the issue (for example, the human rights in the country X). Your informative speech will demonstrate your knowledge and personal opinion on a given topic, without trying to convince the audience completely that your view is the only correct standpoint. Let’s see how all this could happen.

How to write an informative speech outline – 10 tips

1. Prepare the topic

Initially, you should choose a wider topic (for instance, education), and then narrow it down to a more particular one (non-formal education). Depending on the instructions and the criteria set by your instructor, you can present the topic in an even more detailed context (non-formal education in the 1990s). To be sure, writing an informative speech outline requires a lot of knowledge, so you should pick a topic you are well familiar with.

2. Collect facts and data

Think about particular facts and data needed for elaborating the speech. You should not collect too much data, because this will make the audience bored.

3. Gather the necessary information 

For instance, some definitions related to non-formal education; a few stories from non-formal education institutions in 1990s; several theories clarifying the importance of non-formal education today.

4. Write down your thoughts

Write down all your thoughts and insights coming to your mind while reading. Especially, academic publications will make you think more on the topic, thereby giving you the chance to approach the issue from different angles.

5. Think out your thesis

Yes, is it true that an informative speech does not require from you to be too convincing, as your main goal is not to urge the audience to take any measures regarding a given problem. However, you need to form some opinion and to present it: what do you think about non-formal education? What happened with it in the 90s? How have the things changed since then?

6. Defend your thesis with two arguments

The arguments should be directly related to your thesis. You can give two examples and explain them; or you may contrast non-formal education to the “official” type of education.

7.  Prepare an outline

Then comes the stage of preliminary writing your outline. Why is this outline so important? It’s required because it will contain all your thoughts and ideas, but in a nutshell. It happens that so many thoughts come to one’s mind, that some of them turn out to be omitted from the text. The outline can be modified according to your views and knowledge. At any rate, the draft of the speech has to be written after you have done the plan.

8. Write a point-by-point outline, without going into too details

You should include:

  • the thesis (put it below the title) in its full form;
  • the arguments in short form;
  • the theory you will adhere to - in its short form;
  • examples or case studies - only in short form, in one sentence each.
An informative speech outline should include: a thesis in its full form; arguments in short form; the theory you will adhere to; examples or case studies (1 sentence each).
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9. Plan your draft

Remember that you will give a speech. That means you should plan your draft according to the time available. A three-page-draft should be enough, it will take you around 10 minutes to give the speech.

10. Write your draft punctually and follow the plan

Remember that changing your thesis after the outline has been finished is not recommended.

Now you know a little bit more about how to write an informative speech outline. However, you should always rely on your personal style of writing. Even not confident in your skills, you should know that people learn through experience, so someday you may become a renowned author.


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