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Dissertation writing service: A method

It is all about working on a method derived from the Hegelian dialectic: Thesis / Antithesis = Synthesis [or knowledge]. We know how to proceed without issues. Plus, we ensure customer satisfaction 100%. We follow specifics and deal with every subject accordingly. It is necessary to confront the issue of traditional knowledge with anomalies, problems, contradictions, exceptions, etc.

This is the heart of the dissertation as each of these elements must be presented in the form of chains of arguments. We can handle every type of dissertation. As stated, it is the action of exposing your own opinion and reason founded on a particular topic. We can help you thoroughly.

Dissertation writing service: Express

We know how to express what you want. In the context of the dissertation, it is radically different to express an opinion. The opinion is not based and is not intended objectively whatsoever. Plus, it is not supported by an argument, is simply the expression of a feeling or subjective idea. For example the phrase "I like your green dress, it is very beautiful" is an opinion and not an expression, at least in the context of a dissertation, it lacks of support and does not seek to be informed; this is because beyond expressing judgment that is baseless, those statements are not building any opinion.

For instance, if we simply expose the judgment on Aristotle or Nietzsche, or on the philosophy of Socrates, we are not articulating a dissertation but a simple statement of opinions of others, nor cite the opinion of the teacher lecturing. Thus, it is a different story to cite authors, readings, movies or news that melts your opinion. We can also develop dissertation writing services proposals and cite sources for your critical dissertation but usually quote them to support, because what is sought is that the position is strengthened by expressing these in your argument. It is important that the foundation is not too boring; for instance, do not only cite dozens of sources for the fun of it. Refrain from citing those that are almost irrelevant.

Dissertation writing services: Opinion basis

While your opinion is relevant, the argument itself is really strong. At SolidEssay.com, we believe this is the most important element in the dissertation. Arguing is to give the reasons why you have this or that opinion about the subject in question. The rules of argumentation are explicit in many manuals and notes but, not too deeply, we can say that the rules of argumentation are naturally rules known to all as rational beings, drawing conclusions, parallels, etc. When faced with such matter, we analyze every aspect, including your thoughts and opinions. This will give us the answers on how to proceed. Include your requirements and meet your deadlines! We will handle everything.

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