Death Penalty Essay

Death penalty essay at SolidEssay.comHow do you feel about death penalty? Are you for death penalty or against it or are you in the middle thinking that it is the right punishment for some crimes but not others? Writing death penalty essays can be challenging or fun depending on your religious or political beliefs. It can also be a lengthy one as the supporting evidence either for or against is quite extensive. Regardless of your position on the topic, the anxiety faced when writing a capital punishment essay can be eased if you take into consideration the points below.

How to start an essay on death penalty?

 The steps in writing your essay on death penalty are as follows:

  • Determine the type of essay you want to write. Writing a persuasive essay is different from that of an opinion or research essay and as such you must determine which direction you will go so that the structure and content reflect this.
  • Determine your focus and draft your thesis statement. This will also help you to determine the direction in which your essay will go.
  • Write an eye-catching and attention-grabbing introduction in your first paragraph. This will show your reader what you have in store for them and encourage them to keep reading.

How to write a death penalty essay outline?

When writing your death penalty essay outline, you want to make sure you have the following: 

  • Introduction – Start with an attention-grabbing first line consisting of a statistic or fact on the topic. Next, outline your thesis statement, how it relates to the topic and how you will prove the statement.
  • Body – Here state each of your main points, explain how they relate to the topic and provide evidence to support them.
  • Conclusion – This is where you re-state your thesis statement and the main ideas that support it. You should end your essay with an insightful sentence that also helps to bring closure to your argument.

What is a good thesis statement for death penalty?

A good thesis statement should do the following: 

  • Give your reader an understanding of the topic of your paper
  • Explain your position on the topic

A good thesis statement on death penalty should: 1) give your reader an understanding of the topic and 2) explain your position on the topic.
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Examples of good thesis statements for a death penalty essay are:

  • Death penalty should be reserved for gruesome homicides and murders.
  • Death penalty is an excessive form of punishment and should be stopped.
  • Capital punishment is the best way to prevent some criminals from carrying out their gruesome acts.
  • Death penalty is a just form of justice.
  • Death penalty is no longer enough to deter criminals.
  • The role of physicians in the death penalty violates the Hippocratic Oath.

How do you write an opening argument for a debate for the death penalty?

When writing an opening statement for a debate for the death penalty, the best way to start is by explaining what the death penalty is and how or why the penalty is applied. Next, you want to give your thoughts on the topic, leading you to state your argument, giving reasons that you and your team will expound on.

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How to write a death penalty introductory paragraph?

A death penalty essay introductory paragraph should include the following: 

  • An attention-grabbing sentence which may be an anecdote, quote, fact or statistic that is thought-provoking and will hold the reader’s attention.
  • Thesis statement, which outlines your thoughts or beliefs on the topic. It also tells the reader what to expect in the essay.
  • A few sentences that link the introductory sentence to the thesis statement.

How to write a good death penalty essay conclusion?

Your essay should be concluded by following these steps: 

  • Re-stating your thesis and summarizing the main points of the essay
  • Closing statement that brings closure to the essay

How to write an argumentative essay about death penalty?

When writing an argumentative essay about death penalty, these are the things you need to consider:

  • Introduction
    • Start with a great hook, attention-grabbing sentence, that will ensure you have your readers’ attention.
    • Provide a short background on the essay topic
    • Finish with your thesis statement
  • Body– Here you will develop your arguments and explain your main points.
    • State your claim, a statement you use to support your argument, and then provide evidence to support it. You should have a claim for every argument and each claim must be supported by evidence.
    • Give examples of claims that refute yours and then make a rebuttal argument. 
  • Conclusion
    • Re-state the issue and your thesis statement.
    • Summarize your main arguments and paint a picture of what the world would look like if your argument is established.

How to write a death penalty discursive essay?

Write a stellar death penalty discursive essay by following these steps:

  • Define your topic and determine where you stand on the topic.
  • State your topic and why it is important in your introduction. Explain your viewpoint and the stance you will be taking for the discursive essay.
  • Give logic arguments for and against the topic in the body of your discursive essay. You may need several paragraphs to complete this part; be sure to include evidence to support your points.
  • It is best to write your body in a formal third person perspective.
  • Conclude by stating your stance and explaining your reasons for taking this viewpoint. Next, explain why it may be difficult to have a solid stance on this topic.
  • End with a thought-provoking sentence that will also bring closure to the essay.

Regardless of the type of death penalty essay you are writing, make sure you do an outline, draft your essay, have someone proofread it before you edit and submit the final essay. The topic of the death penalty is a wide, varied and controversial one with a plethora of evidence available to support whatever stance you take. Have fun with the research and when writing the essay. 

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