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Cheap Custom Essays at SolidEssay.comOne can argue that in the context of a cheap custom essay, ‘cheap’ is relative. It is indicated that if you want to get your essay written at low cost, you should be ready to forfeit quality of the essay. However, in reality, you can get a top quality custom essay for comparatively low price thanks to the competition between the essay writing services.

Online cheap custom essays

Thousands of online custom essay writing companies are offering essays on a wide range of topics. You can easily access any of these custom essays services and select the best essay writing company that can provide essays at low cost. Nowadays, due to rise in the popularity of freelance writers and high competition between writing companies, most of the good essay writing companies also reduced their prices considerably. In consequence, you are assured to get a relatively cheap but top quality custom essay at any time, provided you have identified a trustworthy writing service.

What do you need to consider when you are promised a cheap essay?

Quality of the essay

When any company promises you a cheap essay, you should first insist on the quality of the work. You should get the assurance that the delivered essay will be original, thoroughly researched and well-organized.

Time of delivery

When you are dealing with a cheap custom essay company, you should also get the assurance for on-time delivery. Generally, most of the reputed writing companies know the consequences that the student has to face if they do not provide the essay prior to the submission date. So, they always submit the essay before the assigned deadline.

Option for Revision

You should also make an agreement with the writing company for doing necessary revisions related to the delivered essay. You should be ensured with the assistance of correcting the essay, in case of any possible modifications. This would work as ‘insurance’, and you will not incur any further costs related to revising your work.


Assurance of full or partial refund on the essay makes a writing service an attractive option. It is wise to deal with a custom essay service that assures you issue a refund if they miss the deadline or could not deliver an essay according to your requirements. Normally, it is important to opt for a writing company that can assure you to refund more than half of your payment.

If any custom writing company assures all these prerequisites, you can proceed with that company. However, it is recommended to validate the credibility of the writing service by considering peer reviews.

Shortcoming of cheap custom essays

The saying “cheap is expensive” is true in some instances. It is essential to know that most of the cheap custom essay companies may not provide the essay on-time with the good quality. These companies generally recruit low profile writers who cannot do in-depth research and collect the required information. Their main aim is to gain profit by delivering as many cheap essays as possible in less time.

If you deal with one of these cheap custom essay writing companies, you should compromise on the quality of your essay. In addition, these companies give low-priority for revision. In some instances, you will not get the essay on-time, and you have more chances to encounter a shoddy refund process. However, this may not be the case with all cheap essay writing companies.

On the whole, there are some good writing companies that can provide cheap custom essays of a high quality. However, while dealing with an essay writing company that provides inexpensive essays, you should check the track record of that company in providing quality work and timely delivery. In addition, you should also enquire about the company’s revision and refund policies.

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