Capstone Project – Essential Capstone Project Guidelines for Students

Capstone Project at SolidEssay.comWhat is a capstone project?

So, what is capstone? A capstone project is done by a candidate at the end of their degree. It is a summary of the main learnings from throughout the course or it can be an in-depth exploration of one or more areas from a program that was studied.

Capstone projects should demonstrate the skills learned from different topics in the course and indicate the candidate’s understanding of the subject matter. The college capstone project must propose an issue and give solutions for solving the problem.

What are the steps when writing the capstone?

  • The first thing you need to do is review and make a list of all the courses, research papers, essays, projects and exams you did since the beginning of your degree.
  • Expand on this by writing a brief description of each.
  • As the capstone assignment is a research paper, it is important to have all your research papers on hand. Next, now you will need to choose a topic and have it approved by your instructor. Make sure it is worded so that it takes into consideration as much of your previous work as possible.
  • Just as any research paper, make sure you have relevant and up-to-date references whether they are articles, books, websites or journals.
  • You will need a lot of time to read and review all the materials for the capstone; this includes previous and new sources. Make sure you take adequate notes, as you will need this when writing the capstone research project.
  • Use your notes and any revised or new materials to draft the college capstone project. New materials will give a different perspective to the previously reported materials.
  • Start your capstone paper by writing the introduction and conclusion first. This will enable you to craft a good capstone thesis statement for your project.

How do you select a topic for your capstone paper?

When selecting your capstone topic, choose one that you are passionate about and comfortable with. Also, make sure it is one that you will be able to find sufficient (new) information on to supplement your previous research. Make sure your chosen capstone project topic is one that has practical and scientific relevance, thus enabling your research to contribute to knowledge in this field.

Points to consider when writing a capstone project

  • Your capstone project should be at least 45 pages in length with an adequate amount of references, about 12 – 14 sources.
  • As it is similar to a thesis, make sure you include the table of contents, abstract, reference list and title page. Feel free to use a software program to organize your references and any other section of the project deemed necessary.
  • Capstone project can be a lengthy and time-consuming one so plan your time accordingly and ensure you submit prior to the deadline.
Your capstone project should be at least 45 pages in length with an adequate amount of references, about 12–14 sources.
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Do’s and Don’ts when writing a capstone project


  • Make sure you choose the appropriate referencing style for your field of study/ department.
  • Keep a diary to keep track of all your notes and changes made throughout the writing of your capstone assignment.
  • Make sure you begin your capstone in an attention-grabbing way and end it on a high note that provides closure to the paper.
  • Make sure you use the appropriate grammar, syntax, punctuation, etc.


  • Don’t use clichés.
  • Don’t leave out any important details.
  • Don’t forget that the purpose of the capstone project is to demonstrate the knowledge gained during the course.

Common mistakes made when writing a capstone research project

  • Rushing the capstone research project

 Trying to squeeze everything into a short period of time and sacrificing the quality of the paper.

  • Being repetitive

Don’t rephrase or paraphrase sentences unnecessarily to add fluff to the piece or increase the word count. This will result in a low quality paper. 

  • Plagiarizing work

Do not copy and paste but rather paraphrase accordingly and make sure to give the appropriate references. 

  • Staying focused

The capstone research project is extensive and time-consuming so it is easy to get bored with mundane tasks and get distracted. Try not to lose focus as this may result in costly delays. Additionally, sometimes students include so much information that they lose the main points/ focus of the topic. Try to avoid this to avoid delays.

  • Not being organized

Not gathering and recording your data in an organized manner may cause delays. Try to avoid this.

  • Insufficient analysis

It is not enough to simply state information from your sources but you must also critically analyze and elaborate on each point.

Remember that your capstone research project will be kept by the university for future candidates to review so make sure you put forward your best and most analytical work. Make sure you answer your question thoroughly by reading, summarizing and analyzing your sources properly.

Framework and guidelines for writing a capstone project

Your capstone project framework must fulfil the following characteristics: 

  • Originality

Read widely and analyze the materials to gain a deep understanding of your capstone topic. Make sure you determine and articulate your own viewpoint on the topic and make your conclusions. Make sure it expresses your creativity and originality. 

  • Independence

While you will have a mentor or instructor, the capstone project is an individual assignment and should be carried out by you alone. 

  • Appropriate scope

As the capstone project can be equated to a six-credit course, it is important that you plan to spend the requisite amount of time and energy on completing it. Keep it within a limited, focused and realistic scope, as it must be completed within one semester. 

  • Orderly and objective process of inquiry

The Capstone project tests your ability to operate within the methods of inquiry. As such, you will have to demonstrate how well you ask appropriate questions, create ideas, identify sources of information, adequately use information, make conclusions, support these conclusions and solve problems using the requisite tools. 

  • Intellectual stretch

The Capstone Project should make you extend yourself and your intellectual capability, allowing you to learn, grow and expand your knowledge to greater levels. 

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Capstone Project Guidelines

In addition to the above framework, here are some capstone project guidelines to review and keep in mind for your Capstone Project. 

1. It may take two semesters to complete the capstone. You will develop and get approval from your mentor and instructor for the Capstone Proposal in Capstone I, done in semester 1. Capstone II is done in the second semester. You will receive a separate grade for each of these sections, both of which must be a ‘C’ (2.0 GPA) or above.

2. You must enroll for Capstone I between the second to last and third to last semesters prior to graduation. Your mentor must be approved before your enrollment for Capstone I.

3. You must submit two (2) bounded/covered copies of your capstone paper and one electronic copy. One of these will be graded and returned to you while the others are added to the library of Capstone Projects.

4. Each candidate must conduct a presentation of their Capstone Project to an audience consisting of faculty and other students. This is not graded separately.

The Capstone Project Process

Capstone Project Proposal

Along with the Research Methods instructor, the candidate will review options for a capstone advisor and discuss possible topics and drafting the proposal. Once the advisor is chosen and has agreed to participate, the candidate will move forward with the writing of the capstone proposal. The capstone proposal is a document, several paragraphs long, that outlines the basis of your capstone project. The capstone project proposal is done to articulate your research project, outline how you will carry out the project in a timely manner and explain, clearly and concisely, what you will study, the question you will answer, the problem you will address and your solutions.

How to complete your capstone project – 8 major steps

To complete your capstone project, here are a few steps you must take:

  1.  Choose your mentor and advisor.
  2. Discuss and agree on the capstone topic for the project.
  3. Discuss and agree on the capstone project deliverables and timelines. Work with your advisor and mentor to create progress reports. The candidate must follow the guidelines of the department or university for completing capstone projects.
  4. Draft your capstone project.
  5. Use the referencing format stipulated by your department or university.
  6. Have your advisor and a second reader review your project. Once approved, they will sign the approval form and submit it to the chair for further approval. Subsequent to this, the director will verify the candidate’s good standing and determine approval.
  7. If approved, the signatures of the chair and director signify that the candidate has completed the project and met the capstone requirements.
  8. You have two years after the capstone project proposal approval to complete the capstone project. An extension of one year may be granted by the chair but further extensions must be brought to the Faculty Committee.

Capstone Project Cover Page Template

When a candidate completes their capstone project, a cove page is required. The capstone cover page must be signed and dated by the student and their advisor. An example of a cover page can be seen below.

Capstone Cover Page Template

As seen above, the candidate needs to include information such as the title of the project, the name of the department and university and the year it was done along with the various required signatures.


What is the significance of capstone projects?

A capstone project is a research paper usually done at the end of a program to test the student’s understanding of the subject and to show their problem-solving skills by providing innovative solutions to real-life problems. The capstone project forces the student to think critically and apply the knowledge learned. Due to its practical scenarios and applications, capstone projects play a pivotal role in helping students prepare for real-world situations in the working world.

What is the difference between a capstone and research?

A research paper seems very similar to a capstone project as they both have a topic, structure and questions that must be answered. However, a research paper is different in that it comprises of a topic from any section of a student’s program whereas a capstone project can be based on the knowledge gained from an entire program.

What is the difference between Capstone project and thesis?

A thesis is different from a capstone project in that it seeks to create new knowledge or information on a subject matter whereas a capstone project aims to solve an issue, concern or problem in the field of study the student is pursuing. The thesis topic is broader based than the more targeted, specific or narrow topic of a capstone project.

Is the capstone project more research than writing?

A capstone project is usually an even mix of research and writing. However, this is largely based on the field of study and the topic.

Are there many ways to accomplish a capstone project?

There are three ways to accomplish a capstone project:

  • Traditional project – In this type of project, your capstone is built on a greater body of knowledge of a specific idea, subject matter or concept. You are expected to conduct research, collate data, organize the information and produce an analysis from your various sources.
  • Applied project – This type of project is best suited for business, education, technology, public administration and social work students. Students are required to choose a real-world problem from their field of study and illustrate their capacity to research, assess and apply the action and concepts learned during their course.
  • Creative project – These projects are suitable for musicians, artists, writers, literary and performing arts students. Primary research must be done followed by data gathering using archives, surveys and interviews. Once this is complete, a new or original product is the expected end result.

Do I need to do a presentation with the capstone project?

A presentation is not always done for a capstone project; however, it is a great way for students to demonstrate their understanding and knowledge of a topic or area in their field of study. It is usually done in the presence of a board of professors, school committee or a classroom of their peers.

What does a nursing capstone project involve?

In nursing capstone research, the student picks a topic of interest such as a social problem or profession to gather information, analyze and create a portfolio or presentation on the research findings. The presentation, when done, is given to the class and ends with the student providing their conclusions.

What does a senior capstone project include?

In a senior capstone project, the student applies the knowledge learned during the course of study to synthesize knowledge gained in the discipline.


Here is a list of 90 capstone project topics for some subjects.

Marketing Capstone Project Topics

  1. Does the Medical Representative personality impact the number of prescriptions the doctor will write?
  2. What is the influence of humour advertising?
  3. Are there more consumers using credit cards or virtual payment options?
  4. How effective is print advertising?
  5. How effective is TV advertising?
  6. How does price sensitivity impact buying behavior?
  7. How does color marketing impact consumers/ shoppers?
  8. How does cause marketing impact buying behavior?
  9. How important is packaging to buying behavior?
  10. What is the impact of CRM on customer satisfaction and retention?

Engineering Capstone Project Topics

  1. What are the benefits and uses of a log reader-based code analyzer?
  2. How do you create and what are the applications of a screenshot grabber?
  3. How do you enhance a motion detection system?
  4. Design the system required for software implementation and maintenance
  5. Design an intelligent feeder system
  6. Compare the benefits and applications of queuing models
  7. Design the maintenance of over voltage protection systems
  8. Design and analyze a sense amplifier
  9. Design an insurance company management system
  10. Design and provide applications for multi-tasking sockets

Nursing Capstone Project Topics

  1. Discuss the implications of nursing shortages
  2. Deliberate the implications of point-of-care testing
  3. Explore the implications of length of shifts to the quality of care
  4. Design an emergency planning system for a health institution
  5. Explain the monitoring of heart patients with sleep apnea
  6. Explore diarrhea prevention using probiotics after the administration of antibiotics
  7. Discuss how to prevent readmission of stroke patients
  8. How do you improve breastfeeding rates?
  9. How do you manage type 1 diabetes?
  10. How do you manage chronic illness in nursing homes?

Information Technology Capstone Project Topics

  1. Explain the applications of voice recognition systems
  2. What are the benefits of smart object recognition in wireless systems?
  3. Discuss data mining
  4. What are the implications of cryptocurrency on the economy?
  5. Assess various methods to increase cybersecurity
  6. What are the difficulties faced in creating networks for institutions using confidential information?
  7. Create a network for a transportation system
  8. Describe how content management system impact e-commerce
  9. Design a text recognition system
  10. What are the economic models needed for an information system?

Accounting Capstone Project Topics

  1. How has accounting changed in the last 10 years?
  2. What is the role of accounting in income tax management?
  3. Explore the relationship between accounting and proprietorship.
  4. Assess the cash flow management of a local business
  5. Analyze and audit the data from a local high school
  6. Discuss how 5 accounting concepts are useful to everyone/ normal people
  7. How important is auditing to a company?
  8. How does the recession impact the ordinary man?
  9. How does changes in an industry (for example, tourist industry) impact the ordinary man?
  10. Create a bookkeeping model for a plant nursery business

Management Capstone Project Topics

  1. What are the key points in HR for a work-from-home model?
  2. How does globalization impact business?
  3. How does diversity, inclusion and equity change management?
  4. What are the management issues faced with outsourcing?
  5. How do you manage conflict in large teams?
  6. Does cultural difference impact management and business?
  7. What is the impact of cause marketing on media relations for a company?
  8. Explain the implications of change management
  9. How can you include Kaizen in your organization?
  10. How has management changed in the last 10 years?

MBA Capstone Project Topics

  1. Discuss the advantages of ethical marketing
  2. What are the implications of cause marketing?
  3. Explore the pros and cons of green manufacturing
  4. Discuss the evolution of supply chain management over the last 10 years
  5. What are the holistic approaches to business planning?
  6. Analyze the threat of evolving AI
  7. Do a feasibility analysis for a new e-commerce app
  8. How does gamification increase sales?
  9. Conduct a feasibility study for a gourmet burger restaurant
  10. Discuss environmental supply chain management

Computer Science Capstone Project Topics

  1. How would you create a stock prediction system?
  2. Discuss smartphone interfaces
  3. How would you design an online survey management system?
  4. Discuss video gaming interfaces
  5. How can you retrieve deleted information?
  6. Discuss some of the best innovations in the last 20 years
  7. Discuss online learning platforms and the back-end systems
  8. Describe the production of convex zipper folding
  9. Discuss the various systems available to analyze consumer information
  10. Discuss the LinkedIn search algorithm

Education Capstone Project Topics

  1. Discuss the advantages of bilingual education
  2. Explain the theories, tools and advantages of brain-based learning
  3. How does classroom management impact student learning?
  4. Discuss effective ways to deter plagiarism by students
  5. Which is better: traditional or innovative teaching methods?
  6. How do you achieve effective and efficient classroom management?
  7. Compare education systems in two first world countries.
  8. What are the best ways to assess student knowledge and retention?
  9. Discuss methods to improve students’ engagement in class
  10. What are the advantages and disadvantages of commercialized education?

Like all tertiary education research papers, the capstone is a major project to be undertaken by a candidate. As it demonstrates their critical thinking and analysis capabilities, it is in their best interest to carry out the capstone assignment with the seriousness and respect it deserves. This guideline is a thorough outline of how to effectively write a good capstone project. Read it carefully and follow the instructions given to guarantee a smooth process when writing your own project.

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