It is our utmost pleasure to welcome you, wizards of literature, the esteemed entrants of our Scholarship Essays Writing Contest, where your literally prowess was put to the test, and three master wordsmiths chosen among you.

It is not lost on us the patience with which you have waited for this day, with bated breath presumably, but worry not, your long wait is over as the day is finally upon us. The Scholarship Essays Writing Contest has ended, and the amount of entries received has honestly left us gobsmacked, with a loss for words fit for the history books. Words cannot portray our gratitude at the submissions you have made, but this is our humble attempt at it nonetheless. Our judges were wowed by the level of literally prowess demonstrated by you all, not to mention thoroughly entertained by your submissions. It saddens us to have to only pick three winners out of such a large pool of literary geniuses.

Our three winners were picked on June 28, and have already been contacted by email.

They are:

  1. Charlotte Torres ($1000 prize)
  2. Mateo Flores ($700 prize)
  3. Eli Rivera ($500 prize)

The topics for the writing contest were as follows:

TOPIC #1: What is your best role model and why?
TOPIC #2: Is homework beneficial? Describe pros and cons.
TOPIC #3: What is the most helpful educational app you've ever used?
TOPIC #4: What was the most valuable lesson about life you learned?
TOPIC #5: In your opinion, what is the hardest subject to study and why?

As for you who did not make the cut, do not despair, do not be disheartened. Your submissions were excellent, but as this was a contest, the three that most stood out were picked by a team of competent judges, with each winner requiring a unanimous decision by the judges. These words of encouragement may not mean as much as the price of a scholarship would, but we hope you are encouraged to continue writing and engaging in more competitions like these. The body of work received from this scholarship essay writing competition has encouraged us to decide to continue hosting the contest on a regular basis. It is our hope that our continued efforts will keep your passion for literature burning, as we try our best to offer each and every one of you an opportunity to showcase the brilliance of your literary abilities.