It is our pleasure to have this opportunity to pass our regards to all the literary virtuosos and participants of this year's scholarship essay writing contest. The day of announcing the winners of the essay contest that every one of us has been eagerly waiting for is finally here with us. The essay writing competition has come to an end and we are overwhelmed by the numerous literary masterpieces received. We would like to thank all students who made the contest a success through their entries as they were all charming. The judges were all together and always engagedduring the process of reviewing the write-ups.

Just to remind you that the topics for the essay writing contest were as follows:

TOPIC #1: In your opinion, what's the best type of sport to join and why?
TOPIC #2: What movie have you recently watched that had a great impact on you and why?
TOPIC #3: What book have you recently read that had a great impact on you and why?
TOPIC #4: If you were a teacher what new subject would you teach and why?
TOPIC #5: What foreign country do you plan/want to visit and why?

As we all know that in a competition there will always be a winner, the judges have carefully considered all the essay submissions and have come up with three top winners. The top winners are:

  1. Liam Bailey ($1000 prize)
  2. Olivia Hayes ($700 prize)
  3. Isabella Allen ($500 prize)

We have also sent a notification to the winners via the emails they presented to us.

However, for those scholarly writers who did not make it to the best three, your essays were excellent, of high quality and engaging.Subsequently, the judges had a tough time in deciding the general top three contesters. Besides, this will not be the last contest. We will definitely keep on hosting such essay writing competitions regularly to keep on supporting and encouraging the passion of our students for literature and enhance their literary skills. We highly appreciate your efforts and your cooperation during the essay contest. With those many remarks, thanks to you and congratulations on the event made a success.