Greetings fellow writers of SolidEssay Scholarship Essay Writing Contest!

We are pleased to announce that SolidEssay Scholarship Essay contest ended on September 8, 2017 and we were overwhelmed by the torrential number of submissions. It was hard work but the entries were so good that we were thoroughly entertained. Our top three winners were chosen from this massive pool on September 13, 2017. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all who submitted their essays and helped to make the SolidEssay Contest a success.

Just as a reminder, the topics for the contest were:

Topic 1: Writing Tips on How to Evoke Emotions in Your Readers
Topic 2: Writing Tips From Nonfiction Writers
Topic 3: The Dos and Don'ts of Novel Endings
Topic 4: How and Where to Get Your Book Published
Topic 5: Is It Worth Going to College?

So, now that we've got the formalities out of the way, let's not keep you in suspense any longer. Our top three contenders, selected by our panel of judges, are:

  1. Shanna Mosqueda ($1000 prize)
  2. George Alvarez ($700 prize)
  3. Kim Leung ($500 prize)

As our winners have chosen to keep their social media information private, we will honor their request and not reveal the same. Each person has been notified via email on September 13, 2017.

For our writers who did not make it to the top three, we would like to say a few words:

  • We've received excellent essays for this contest. All were of high quality, original, informative and very interesting to read.
  • It was a hard task but the best of the very best have been chosen as our top three.
  • As a result of the excellent quality of work received, we will continue to have these contests on a regular basis, in an effort to continue to support and encourage your literary pursuits. We want to continue providing an avenue and opportunities for your bright minds to shine.